Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sambavi Mudra as per Hatha Yoga Pradeepika and Kheranda Samhita

I was recently going through a commentary of Hatha Yoga Pradeepika by Hans Ulrich Rieker and came across these portions about Sambhavi Mudra in the book. It’s a nice translation of the original verses and could be useful to those who are interested in the practice of the Mudra. There are some minor variations to the method of practice and the description of the Mudra to that of mine in my post on it. But in essence they are the same.

Kheranda Samhita also mentions it, but its scant and unsatisfactory. Yet it would be interesting to first look into it before going to the commentary of Rieker.

The Kheranda Samhita discusses it in the the Ch.3 (15) . It is curious to note that it suggests applying Kajal or some sort of eye care to the eyes before starting the practice. I believe it is intended to keep the eyes cool to minimise irritation to the eyes.

Anyway here is the description of the Mudra in the Samhita.

“ After applying kajal or eye-ink to the eyes look at the knower of truth. This is the Sambhavi Mudra hidden in all the sciences.”

“The Vedas, Satstras and puranas are like common prostitutes , but this Sambavi Mudra is like a chaste women, well protected and safe”

“The Lord Siva as well Brahma ( The creator) knows of this Mudra”

“Those who know the sambhavi Mudra is the truth itself . This is true, true , true.”

Here ends the mention of the Mudra in Kheranda Samhita . Now let us go to the commentary of Rieker. I have left the commentary as it is.

Verse “(35) The Vedas, the Shastras and the Puranas are like prostitutes [attainable to all]. The shambhavi mudra, however, is like a chaste woman, carefully guarded.

(36) Shambhavi mudra consists in fixing the mind inwardly [on any one of the chakras], and fixing the eyes without blinking on an external object. This mudra is left secret by the Vedas and Shastras.

(37) It is rightfully called shambhavi mudra, when mind and prana are absorbed by the object, when the eyes become rigid in the contemplation of the object. Once this state has been reached by the grace of the guru, everything perceived becomes a manifestation of the great Shambu (Siva) and is thus beyond emptiness and not−emptiness.

Everything is Siva: everything is kala (light−waves, form, yantra, manifestation of the divine image in all its forms), nada (sound waves, sound) mantra, divine name in all its forms), and bindu (meaning, the divine) and the logos common to both the other spheres).

(39−40) Direct your [inner] gaze upon "light" by slightly raising the eyebrows. Then perform shambhavi mudra as you have learned it. This induces samadhi. −−Some confuse themselves by the alluring promises of the shastras and tantras, others by the Vedic Karmas, and still others by logic. None of them recognizes the real value of this mudra, by the aid of which one can cross the ocean of existence.

(41) With half−closed eyes focused on the tip of the nose, the mind steadily fastened[on its object], and the active prana current of the ida and pingala nadis suspended [by guiding it into the sushumna], thus the yogi reaches the slate of realization of Truth in the form of a radiating light which is the source of all things, and the highest objective to be reached. What higher state is there that he might expect?”

Well practice practice practice and good luck be with you in it.