Saturday, April 4, 2009

On the Third eye

Temporarily breaking from what I was discussing, I have decided to post this today. It might be of some help.

I like a practical approach to things and it doesn’t go away when I am talking about meditation. All the help you can get on the front should be welcome considering the nature of the quest. Take the case of music which is intended to get you to the alpha and theta levels, why not go for it, provided it does what it boasts about? But all the same, in my experience, (as being one one who has some experience on the alpha and theta states) most of the claims are just words and the programs would hardly get you where you want to.

But that should not discourage you. Listening to binaural beats now and then is not such a bad thing. It at least calms and strengthens the mind. Of this I am very certain. They quieten the mind and curb the tendency of the mind to wander. Don’t play the music too loud though. Silent sound and beach sounds are very refreshing in my experience.

Honestly they are much better than the kind of music that you hear around normally.

In the same manner I am interested in videos on meditation too. But there are not many good ones on the net on it. When I did a search on the sites like the google video, metacafe and you tube the only promising ones I found were those by the people I told you about in the last post. I learn that there are some 11 or so videos by them about meditation. I have seen some of them and I must say that I am impressed.

They are the most reliable videos that I saw on the internet on the subject. They don’t advice you to do the impossible and nicely explain about the experiences during the process. Basically these are helpful bits of information for the seekers. My only concern is that they are aiming a little low in them.

Hence I am not in total agreement with some of the things that they say, but that could be because my emphasis is on the subtler aspects of meditation rather than what is described by them . To me the entheric, astral and even mental and bhudhic bodies are off no importance. Following their development is rather useless if you are aiming at real knowledge. Unless you can raise your consciousness to the level of self you are still running around in circles in the sphere of duality.

Naturally that is not the effect I am aiming at. Health and meditation ( that is, the truer aspects of meditation) has little in common if any at all. Repairing our etheric body and controlling our astral body is a little inferior in the scale for me. These may naturally come or not. Better not concentrate on it.

But their video on the third eye was not bad, though it’s doubtful whether such information is really necessary to those who are trying to meditate. The talk about the placement of the third eye for example. That should have been avoided at all costs.

As they say the position of third eye roughly corresponds to the place of the pineal gland in the head. But it is neither necessary nor advisable to meditate on that spot. It might bring in a lot of harm rather than any good.

Pineal gland is not the third eye as some believe. It’s a remnant of our animal past. If stimulated it might give us a kind of sixth sense and some amount of clairvoyance. But, with it might also come in possession and outside influences.

This was known to everybody who has ever thought on the subject. So the advice has always been to place the mind strictly at the point in between the eyebrows and not at the pineal gland. Those who are following my post on Sambavi Mudra would be well advised never to think or meditate on the pineal gland. There could be any number of people who encourages doing so. They are totally in error in this regard.

I have never been a great proponent of Hatha Yoga and the reason is this. Both the recognized texts on the subject “The Hatha Yoga Pradipika” and “The Gheeranda Samhitha” provides some methods to get at truth even without the acrobatics that is contained in them otherwise. What they say on the Nada Yoga and Sambavi Mudra etc are worthy of note. Both are simple and effective practices to follow. Even Atmarama ( Of Pradipika) and Gheranda ( of Gheeranda Samhita) has not advised any place other than the middle of the brows to place the mind. Both of them swears on the effectiveness of the sambavi Mudra in exclusion to everything else.

“Sathyam, sathyam punah sathyam
Sathyamuktham Maheswara!
Sambavim yo vijAniyath
Sa cha brahmam na chAnyatha”
( Gheranda Samhita , Advice 3- 15)

Its the truth, the truth, and truth again
And you spoke the truth Oh Lord
The man who knows the Sambavi
He becomes the truth itself, there is no other way.

But there are enough ditches in them for people to fall in. They talk of all sorts of practices like the Khechari Mudra for example. It involves cutting away at the web below your tongue which connects it to the mouth and making it longer to so that it can go up to the third eye in the roof of the mouth. You could waste years in trying to make it happen. May be they were only listing certain practices which were in vogue at the time.

Anyway be like a swan which is supposed to have the ability to distill milk from water, throw away the unnecessary and accept the best, even from me.

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