Sunday, June 14, 2009

About updating etc

I have been neglectful in updating the blog. I might do it in the near future. But there is little time to do so now.

In the meantime Aleksa has been nice to join the blog. Well Aleksa, you are very welcome to my blog.

I liked those words I saw in your profile when your name appeared in my blog.
They were touching and beautiful.

As you said one could call it a poem.


  1. Thank you,coming from you it is a great compliment.I removed what I wrote,found it to naive.I gave it up,writing,not good enough,maybe in my birth given language,one day,blah,blah,bla...I learned how to be patient(I think?) :o'
    so take your time it is yours,glad that you posted your previous writing,I was sort of experimenting my self with all kind of,you know,and now after something went terrible wrong with my everything,I am starting from the begining.Meditation.And I needed other peoples experinces and those willing to share them.I want to be my own Guru,you think its possible?
    Good day to you,ciao AlekSandra

  2. AlekSandra, don’t be disheartened by temporary setbacks, but go on writing, if not in English then in your own language. It keeps the mind in order.

    It would also help you with meditation. An orderly mind which can stay at a place for some length of time would be useful while meditating, or I have found it so.

    As to being your own Guru, my belief is that every one can be so, may be you are not ready just yet, in the meanwhile whats the harm in checking out the experiences of the others?

    Wish you well AlekSandra, You are welcome to share my experiences for whatever they are worth.