Friday, June 26, 2009

Checking the properties of the inner space

Meditation is the easiest of all practices if you are interested in it.

The best way to meditate is by fixing your mind at the Chidakasa, or the inner space. To do this you close your eyes, and visualize the darkness inside your forehead. I know if nothing happens anyone would become dispirited and stop doing it altogether.

To avoid that let us try some tricks with it.

When you close the eyes and think of the inner space there would only be darkness in front of you. Just forget that you have a body.

Most likely the darkness would be close, that is, you would feel as if you are shut inside a very small dark space.

Let us check its properties.

For this first imagine that you are in the middle of that darkness, as a point if you want. Now push forward, see how far forward you can go like that. Do it for say fifteen minutes.

Now think that you are the center point in that darkness. Look around, below, above towards the back, to the front, towards the sides. Push the darkness away from all the sides till you feel that you are sitting in the middle of a vast sphere.
If you can’t get out of the attachment to any form of divinity, like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or any one, you can try to picture them inside this space and even pray to them.

This is not necessary at all but might help some in remaining concentrated.
While practicing Sambavi Mudra some may become distracted and might not know what they are doing with it.

This is a good way to keep your mind at the inner space for some length of time. That is all needed.

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