Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I mentioned two of the Maha Vakyas (Master sentences) of Vedanta in my last post.

Aham Brahmasmi (I am the absolute)


Tat Tvam Asi ( You are that)

But there are two more such sentences which lead you towards light.

Sarvam Khalidhwam Brahma ( All that you see is truth)

Ayamatma Brahma ( That or this soul is truth)

To a Vedantin the instruction begins in this fashion. First he approaches a person who has realized the self and seeks his help.

That person has to be certain of his realization. As I said in the last post he should be able to declare without the least bit of doubt the he is the truth.

Aham Brahmasmi. I am the absolute. It’s only this knowledge that qualifies him as a teacher of others. Such unflinching belief in his knowledge is what the disciples seek in him. Once they become aware of this they are ready to learn at the feat of the master.

Then as I mentioned the master can advice them that they are nothing but the truth.

Tat Tvam Asi.

But all the same this is terribly difficult to realize. Some may realize it intellectually, but may not be able to go further inwards to experience it. Unless one experience what reality is in its full there is no liberation.

So the Master advises them further making clear what he has said.

He points to everything in nature and tells them “ Sarvam Khalidhwam Brahma” . All that you see in the nature ( both internal and external ) is the truth. Even this may appear vague to the disciples. So he further elucidates the point.

Ayamatma Brahma.

The soul that you witness in yourself and that which you see in the cosmic is nothing but the truth.

It’s a step by step course of instruction. It begins with the most inner’ Aham Brahmasmi ( I am the absolute) and spreads out till it reaches everything in the universe and includes them in its compass. The disciple has to follow this line back to the final most truth of his own absoluteness. This cannot be accomplished by mere intellectual understanding.

So to make it possible meditation is prescribed.

To me this is the only practice that is real. All the others are just steps leading to it.

The Vedanta advices an easy posture for meditation. Sit erect in any comfortable pose and place your mind at the Trikut or at the middle of the forehead. Though the Vedanta asks you to repeat Aham Brahmasmi while meditating, I don’t think it is required. As a very witty acharya said once. When you are drinking port, you don’t have to repeat to yourself that “I am drinking port ” to make the experience any more sweeter.

To me the only thing needed is to place your mind at the abode of truth within you and you will become so as your absorption grows.

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