Wednesday, April 7, 2010

About comments in other languages

Well guys, I have been receiving comments in what looks like the Chinese (or the Japanese) language for some time now. May be my small efforts at bringing a simple truth across might be making some little impact on the followers of two of the ancient cultures in the world. If so I am very glad. But sadly this blog is in English and I don't know a word of the languages that those comments are written in………Hence I am in a little bit of a predicament here.

The thoughts expressed in them could be the most sublime or the most beautiful for all I know. But as I can't understand their import or meaning I have little option but to reject them. This in no way reflects on the genuine intentions of the authors of the comments and I hereby express my regret in failing to understand them.

My thanks too are intimated for their kindness in taking an interest in what I write. But I am unable to publish them in the blog and though I would very much like to learn those beautiful tongues, I am just not in a position to do so now.

So, if you like the blog or what's written in it, you can say that in very simple English. Let me also say that I am no anglophile and English is only a second language to me. But a blog in any language hopes for comments in that language.

So guys, please do not be offended if I don't publish your beautiful comments in other languages in my blog.

Thank you!