Sunday, July 4, 2010

Am I socially committed?

( I wrote this for another blog of mine sometime ago, I think its relevant even in this one. I have tried to edit out the more scalding portions of it, if any has escaped my editing, just bear with it;) )

Lord I would rather be murdered first. Did I shock you? I know I did, conventions dictate that you should be shocked, yet NO, I am not an anarchist, that is, in the sense the word is used by the anarchists. It may be true that I share their dislike for God, State and Religion as they exist (in our minds) today. But I haven’t lost hope in two of them-God and Society, though I have no sympathy for the society as it is now. Most of you, whether you like society or not, might not be well disposed towards god and I don’t wonder at it. The guy has not been of real help to us over the years.
But the god I am talking of is different, on the outer level it is the sum total of everything we hold dear in our lives, the value system, beliefs, finer feelings and everything that you may call godly in you for want of a better word. On the inner level my definition of god is totally revolutionary and it contains everything that you are. Some may call it a vague definition. I am not really defining god here, I am doing something even better, I am pointing a way to find god and you can learn it from my relevant posts.
I am sure that all of you can find god even without resorting to any religious practices. Please note that I am not denigrating the finer elements in religion here, there are finer elements in everything, but they all get clouded by the structure in which they are shut up. Instead of liberating us they trample us underfoot. None of the established religions can save you, study the lives of any saint, all have gone beyond the strictures imposed by their faith in search of truth. Have you ever thought why it is so; have you ever thought why Jesus told the world that his kingdom is not of this world?
It isn’t of this world, but what he didn’t say is that it includes this world in it as well. He could not say that to a bunch of stupid people who goes by the strictures of Talmud and cannot think straight. I know that some may take umbrage at this, but listen people, jump out of those darkened caves inside your heart, take a look around and see the world for what it is.
It is happening right before you, people are being led into traps they can never come out of, they are being mentally castrated, they are being traded and subjugated, every code, every book is being made use of in this terrible man hunt. Learn that all systems of beliefs are regressive, they instill subordination, they make you obey, they don’t lead you forward.
This is why intellectuals are the most obedient people in the world, they work with data, and that data is provided by the system, every intricate point that you learn makes you more obedient, makes you more docile, it takes away the capacity to react as a human being, it curbs wonder, it provides answers for all your questions. It plants you inside a mental fortress from which you can never escape.
You can control intellectuals like you control dogs with a piece of bone or a lump of sugar. They would never believe that they are being controlled; they would think that they are acting out of their own volition. They only generate thoughts for their masters, both hidden and evident. Every time I think on this it calls back the words of Hitler to my mind. He openly stated that 99 percentage of the population is like women, they can be led, they can be told to do things and they would gladly do that.
Did you know what was the excuse offered by most of those tried in Nuremberg after the WW II? They said that they were only taking orders. Some of you may think that Hitler was a total idiot and a fanatic, he may have been, but he had learned one thing right, that the people require a master and he consciously became that.
It is this weakness among the humans that I am afraid of, this willingness to follow the leader, this frantic desire for a host mechanism, this total submission. You think that only the ‘weirdo’s’ desires such things don’t you, you are wrong, everyone would follow a leader if he is forceful enough. It is easier to justify something than make something on your own. This is a perennial weakness of the human mind.
The human mind yearns for something to lean on; it wants to forget its insignificance and would like to bask in reflected glory. This is why people run to religion and such other systems of thought that there is out there which promises salvation. This goes for the materialist as well as the idealists, the idealist promises heaven up above and the materialists promise the heaven below. Both lull the fear of isolation in the human heart. They can’t think out of the hat, though they mouth these words incessantly. The inflow towards religion all over the world now is the failure of a dependable substitute, People want to be comforted, patted on the back and looked after. Even if these are provided invisibly they would be satisfied.
Hence they run to religion.
Yet really religion is a totally mucked up institution. It has out grown its usages and it relevance. But the alarming fact is that people are being attracted to religion by hoards. The world has not been able to replace religion with anything that people can really believe in. The people have not unfortunately grown. They did not grow with the growth of civilization. Only internal changes could make people grow; only an inner revolution could make people break the shackles imposed by their conditioning. But the religions would not allow that. The people who run them have several things to lose by doing that.
If I could I would wipe the entire religiosie out from the world. I would do it this moment if I can. It has to be done by someone to cleanse the world.
But the guys are too entrenched, too dug in, and there are enough dolts in the world who believes every word that’s uttered by these Beelzebub’s. If anyone speaks against these ‘godly’s their followers would rise up in arms and would start murdering you right and left. I can’t even blame them unfortunately, they are totally muddled up and frightened. They don’t know what to do and they flock to the first group which assures them that they would take care of them come what may. I can’t gain say the words of Marx, religion is the opium of the masses, though later Marxism itself started exhibiting the characteristics of a religion. It has even chapels where they place flowers and incense now. Look at the terrible servility to the earlier modes of culture.
So what do we do to get out of this strange servility? Well we start thinking on our own- discard the current forms of thought and fashion our own conceptions of life and things. It looks simple doesn’t it? You just have to pick the right words and utter thoughts! How simple!
Try to form any thoughts on your own without reference to any of the thought structures that is around. And you will learn about simplicity in real earnest.
Or else you can dive inside and come up with a real nugget of truth as I have been suggesting to you all the time.

The choice is yours.



  1. Well my dear (whatever your sweet name is) if you mean the mystical hare, I had caught it once and let it go too.

    And it may have been sheer luck, or the kindness of some great souls (I can’t credit it to anything I have ever done) this proverbial hare had kindly taken me to the place they call Kailasa or The Ever(r) est. It was very pleasant there and you would want to stay on indefinitely!

    Yet to me it’s pleasant here as well. You see, the ancients curiously used to aver:

    “Poornam itham, poornam atha”

    (This is whole, so is that as well)

    Sorry to quote Sanskrit. But I have transliterated and translated it for you as well as I could!

    Somehow now, I see no blemishes anywhere, there seems to be no divisions, no jagged ends and you could catch this hare too if you want to, its open source my dear!

    As to cooking this particular hare, it’s the pot as well as the fire and the thing to cook.

    I know you meant something else. But I have no priorities, no immediate goals as such in reality, all that I do now whether good bad or indifferent, is done as an effort to structure time. You would come to learn about it when you really catch the hare and not kill it!

    Let this reply mean something to others as well.

    Be with your own self all the time my dear!