Sunday, March 29, 2009

Meditation ( Contd)

My Motive

Naturally people look for a motive when somebody comes up with something generally useful. In our world, nothing is given for free. If it is it is not taken as such. People imagine that there are hidden strings attached to it.

Well I too have a motive. Not of making money or of starting a movement or a separate system. Honestly I am too lazy for all that. Even if I could do that I doubt my capability in running the thing for any length of time without making it into another such organization in the world. Every august body gets corrupted in the passage of time.

Even the greatest organization of the Buddha dwindled into tantrayana in the hands of his deluded disciples.

What if my followers (that is if I can gather any) convert this simple truth into something esoteric and totally reserved for the initiated? That would be the end of it and might deprive the world of this method forever.

Start a movement indeed! As if I don’t have enough things to worry about in life!
Then what is behind my seemingly innocent advices? Mind you they are not even ‘advices’ as such, they are just suggestions; you are not forced to accept them or practice them. They are put out so that everybody can access them and do something about their lives.

And don’t worry, they are innocent, the ‘seemingly’ is for those souls who wouldn’t believe the truth when they see it. We can’t blame them, they have been cheated, swindled, hood winked and taken for a ride by certain interesting elements in society to believe in any thing genuine without paying for it. For a price they have been allowed certain ‘luxuries’ and so naturally they have a high notion about money and what it can do.

I shall tell you why I do this, but I doubt whether it might satisfy you, nevertheless here it is:

I too have wandered in the wilderness of the soul seeking enlightenment. There could be others who have done more than me to find the meaning of life and reach truth. But I have done my stint at different alters. I must have recited billions of mantras, I have tried to awaken the sorry force called Kundalini (not a sorry force to real power mongers though) and had some success in it, I had tried my hand at vedanta, stripping myself of every trappings of individuality and finally arriving at the intellectual conviction that I am only pure consciousness and nothing else. I have practiced tantric sadhana and had even obtained the grace of my deveta. I had followed the Nada for some time and I had practiced intense Pranayama too for a short period of time. I am talking about years and years here.

None of this had brought any enlightenment to me. They brought in troubles. I was not at peace with myself and with the world.

Tell me what do we seek in life? Only the unintelligent would say that we seek power, money, position etc. You can’t have enough of them. The more you have them the more you feel troubled by them. Your interest shifts from your inner to the outer.
If you can’t achieve peace nothing matters. Peace is the only quality that you need and seek. You inherently know this to be true. But you think it can be achieved by something external to yourself. Before long you would realize that it is not so.

It is not that I have failed at any of the systems that I practiced. IT is that they have failed to lead me towards knowledge. If you achieve peace you have achieved liberation, this is the real knowledge and it can only be reached by the Sambavi Mudra. Don’t be deceived by the Indian name. I use it because it is convenient. It is the method that matters.

And it is universal.

If there were not enough unselfish souls to point out the way to me I would not have achieved it even with the practices that I told you about. Those practices do not lead you to liberation. This is the only true technique that there is and there can’t be any others as easy. It came to my mind because others kept it alive in the world. I am doing the same. I am trying to keep the knowledge alive. Those who are ‘too intelligent’ might not realize its true significance because it appears simple. And some brilliant souls who intuitively know of this truth would play it down and conceal it from public because it would be the death knell to their famous systems.

I have now explained my motive in putting it out to you. I am paying my debt to those kind souls who kept the truth alive. Even if it doesn’t reach anyone among the billions in the world today and even if it creates no impact in them that has seen it, that does not matter. In the very act of putting it out I have achieved my aim of making it tick. If it did not enter your mind, you will carry it in you and bequeath it to the next generation.

I am hopeful of it. Truth can’t be obliterated, not when there are so many seekers.

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