Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mediataion ( Contd)

Meditation first and foremost is an internal activity. Whatever object you fix your mind on would have to dissolve into the underlying reality before you can claim that you have experienced reality. If you fix your mind on anything material like an image it is difficult to dissolve it in to what lies underneath.

Sri Ramakrishna found it be so when he was attempting to meditate as his guru Totapuri suggested. He would start meditating on the third eye and would start seeing his goddess Kali there at all times. She would not willingly go away. He needed to step over her to reach truth. His attempts to do it without destroying the image of goddess failed completely. He could only do so with a heart rending effort by cutting the goddess down to pieces with what he called the “ Sword of Jnana” . This could be an unnerving process for the ordinary devotee. It might make him or her mad.

Images become dear to us in the progress of our spiritual unfolding if we have taken their assistance. Devotees cling on to them afraid to let them go when they are no more needed. This is a hindrance. If you keep away from fixing your mind on anything material and start witnessing your inner world by meditating on the Ajna Chakra you would see every single image that you once cherished on the inside. They may not appear in the manner you expected them to appear.

I once had experienced the presence of Christ during meditation. Now the image of Christ embedded in my mind up to that point was that which you see in statues and pictures of Christ all over the world. It’s the image of a person of considerable physical and spiritual beauty, sleek and slender, with those great mystical eyes looking at you with love and compassion and tiredness and tenderness. But I found Christ to be somewhat different in physical appearance from that. I would not go into all that for fear of destroying the beautiful image that we have of him now.

In mediation you know what you see. The moment he appeared everything about him was evident to me. There could be no mistakes in such states.

My point is, you can experience Christ in the manner you chose if you are mediating on a picture or image of his or otherwise. As the concentration on your chosen image heightens you would start to see and feel him as he is pictured by you. You could even get the stigmata. Such meditation follows the tradition of Ashtanga yoga of Pathanjali, especially his methods of Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. Your intense emotional and mental concentration creates Christ for you. The Tantrics say that such manifestations are the children of the practitioner. This is a true statement.

You can even attain Samyama (total identification with the object of meditation) on him and be one with him.

But you need to go beyond that to find truth. Truth is not divisible. It is not an image you mentally create for fixing your mind. It is your true nature. That can only be revealed to you by meditating on your own self. It is much better done without any restricting images in you mind. And as I told you before the only effective practice of doing it is through Bhrooh Dhyana. It is simple fast and easy. It never fails.

Think, do I have anything to gain by telling you an untruth? Or did I tell you of anything which you can’t do? Did I suggest to you something which would land you in trouble? And did I sell it for a price and act as a guru? (If I really wanted to, I would be a much better guru than the thousands of gurus that abound now in the world for I speak of a simple and unfailing method which would liberate even the devil. The devil? Yes even the devil. It takes some confidence to say so, don’t you think? If I can’t say so who can? This is the sort of confidence you gain by knowing the truth.)

Ask yourself these questions. If you find them easy to answer you are on the right path to liberation. I did not invent this technique. It is as available as the sunlight and air that is around you. But there are people, both in the west and in the east, who are not satisfied with the simple and easily obtainable liberation. Because of their delusions they need an intricate system to believe in. If some one is ready to teach you the method of Kundalini raising you run to them. Goose pimples rise on your skin when you hear about the chakras, their properties, and the way the force raises through them, the diagram’s, the Shaktipat, the rituals associated with it, the presence of energy within you, the powers that it grants you.

When the foolish practice finally breaks you down, you still remain elated that you have gone through such experiences and you are ‘more’ blessed than others. There are no blessings to come from without, you bless or damn yourself by your own actions. If you believe that you are one with the truth, you are.

(To be continued)

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