Saturday, March 28, 2009


I have stated that you can meditate on anything and everything in the world. The reason for this is that there are no divisions in the universe. The blazing sun that you see overhead as well as the smallest grain of sand which you find attached to yourself is connected and forms an inherent whole. To the modern mind this should be obvious. But what masks this apparent reality?

These divisions are in the mind.

That is why quelling of the mind is attempted by every people who have ever thought and acted on the subject of finding reality.

It’s the mind which decides that there are divisions. That there is you and me and the other person. In reality nothing is that far away as it seems to us. The mind being what it is would not easily let go of its fields of involvement. To make it do so you need to fix it on something. That could be anything in the universe, the sun, moon, stars, ocean, and even a speck of dust. I have found that if you meditate on anything intently it would take you to the final truth. There is nothing else other than the truth you see.

But then why am I insisting that we should place our mind at a certain place inside our body to meditate, namely on the trikut? Well for one thing, reality is as evident in your body as it is everywhere. There is nothing wrong in meditating inside as you can see. To a normal man, because of his chosen limitations his own body feels nearer to him than anything else. The seeker of truth need be sensible before everything. If you chose a place outside your body to meditate, which one would you chose? Perhaps you would choose the finest and best specimens that you can find around. It may be a beautiful place, an interesting object or a godly soul like Jesus Christ or Rama or Buddha.

There is nothing wrong in meditating on them. You can do it and realize the truth in that manner too. But the amount of work you need to do to achieve it and then finally destroy the image could be tremendous. How would you meditate on Jesus for example? Would you obtain a picture of him or would you construct an image of him in your mind. Who can say that these images conform to Jesus as he was when he was in body? Or would you like to meditate on an idea, something abstract? If you do, you would soon feel dispirited by the effort. The philosophers have been meditating on the finest of all percepts for ever so long. Have any one of them claimed to have found the truth?

If they have the world would have been a different place by now.

( to be continued)

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