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Sambavi Mudra. The Do’s and Dont’s

I thought I had finished with Sambavi Mudra in that post of mine. It doesn’t seem to be so anyhow. So here is some more stuff about it! Is this really needed? But who knows, my firm belief was that every one was qualified to learn the Sambavi Mudra, but if some thinks otherwise, what can one do?

My post on it might not appear much, but I gave you the whole truth there. Refer to that post for technical details.


There simply is no other technique to rival it. I have tried all ( mantra, tantra, yantra, Kundalini, ashtanga yoga, vedanta you name it) and found this as the only true method. If somebody says there is anything else they are either ignorant or are trying to lead you astray, you would be well advised to keep away from them.

The procedure, as you may note, is the simplest of all. Just keep your mind at the place between your eyebrows. This can be done at any time at any place and in any kind of circumstances. Eat what you like and do what you normally do. But practice the mudra whenever you get the time. The hottest noon is as good as the coldest night.

The filthiest place is as good as the purest spot.

Keep at it, persist and everything will follow.

Of course a quite place all to yourself and the night time might be beneficial in the beginning. I would not advice the mornings, you might be in the alpha initially, but beta is knocking at the door persistently. Meditation is serious business. There is no one-second meditations. There are only split second realizations. You prepare yourself for it.

Yet not every one can chose places and times can they? If you can, meditate near water, that is, near a lake or pond, it seems to help some. I have only rarely done that though.

Really the only need is for being sensible about it. I used to sit on a card board piece or lie on a wide wooden plank while meditating to negate the ill effects of the cement floor on which I sat. If I did not do that I would have found it very hard to move my limbs after wards.

Some advise sitting on tiger skins (There are no regular tiger skins any more. Those that you see around are all fakes. You may have to go and hunt for one if you need it badly. Naturally you would spend the rest of your days meditating inside a prison cell from then onwards in most of the countries) .And some advise sitting on woolen blankets, or in open places, on hill tops and in the shade of the trees.

Woolen blankets may be good, but open places etc might not be. What if some poisonous thing starts meditating on you? Consuming sweet and nourishing food and avoiding spices and everything that tastes bitter, avoiding using oil on the head and not bathing in day time all seems prescribed for the yogis by some shrewd yoga practitioners. Follow them if you like. Even otherwise you would develop. You need not be told to avoid extremes in all cases do you?

All these are only external things. As long as you have not achieved the state of yoga you might take sensible care of your body. That is all there to it.

Even forget the eye positions. Be only aware of the point between the eyebrows.
The sensation of touch might assist you in this regard. Touch the point in between the eyes and close your eyes. You will feel a tickle at the spot and that would assist you in keeping your mind there. There is no need for intense concentration, just place your mind at the spot. That is all that is required. The truth is where the mind is placed the prana becomes still at that place.

After some practice you would begin to have experiences. They would lead you further on.

Want to know whether this was done by others?

Totapuri, the guru of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa picked up a broken glass piece from the ground and pressed it firmly on the forehead of his disciple just above the joint of the eyebrows and told him to meditate on that spot. (Now, don’t do that to yourself, you may cut yourself and bring up a scar on your forehead)

Dakshinamurthy (Shiva) is seen to sit in meditation all the time, turning his sight inwards.

I think I have quoted the following lines somewhere in one of my earlier posts. It’s a rough translation of a Sanskrit verse.

“Here is a sight under a banyan tree
The master looks young and the disciples wizened.
The master’s silence is the explanation
And the disciples seem bereft of doubt.”

You see the mouna (Silence) could be an explanation in itself too.

Buddha, when asked about meditation, once picked up a flower and held it aloft and sat looking at it for a while without saying a single thing. None understood it save Kasyapa in the audience. Buddha smiled at him and entrusted him to teach others what meditation is.

Why a flower? Well as I have mentioned before the mind can be placed on the internal as well as external objects. In fact you can meditate on anything. But The Trikut (third eye, Ajna chakra, and spot between the eye brows) is the most effective of them all. It leads to immediate liberation.

It is curious that some Zen masters consider even the long line of Buddha’s as their vassals! It is not mere ego on their part; they have even gone beyond the principle of Buddha. Gautama the Buddha was great, but self is greater still.

Watch how the Buddha is depicted in his statues. He is in the Sambavi mudra constantly.

I mean, that is all there to it.

Even a great master can do only that much, to show where and how to place the mind. The rest should be done by those who have seen it done.

It might be difficult for some to do it open eyed. If so shut the eyes and imagine that you are looking through the Ajna chakra. To some it may even appear that they can see with their eyes closed. That’s a bit of clairvoyance for you.

I will once again say this. There are no do’s and don’ts in this technique, namely the time of day or night, places, situations you are in , your food habits, purity of mind, astrological signs, state of health, belief systems, geological conditions, whether you are men , women, aborigine, civilized, young, old, Christian, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, communist, capitalist etc etc. If you intend to get all these solved before you start practicing yoga, you would never get around doing it.

Let me tell you all liberated souls everywhere have ever practiced this. If you want to, you can search for and locate it in your own belief system. It could prove a hard task anyway. Even in India it is obscured and put under a veil by the vested interests.

Why go to all that trouble while a totally secular method is available. Try it and find peace. Life is short, time is precious and we do not know what would happen in the very next moment.

So start practicing right away. All the changes that you require would come to you in the course of your practice.

Realization is really a change of focus in awareness. It is achievable at this very moment. Some latch on to the truth the minute it is spoken. To some others it might take a little bit of time.

It is said that Swetaketu was advised 9 times by his father and guru on the truth of “You are that” ( “Tat Tvam Asi”) before he realized it. Getting at the truth in that way is hard. It’s like walking on a razors edge- Pretty perilous. You have to rip away all the misconceptions one by one. It might even unsettle you. Even those that have done so have to practice Dhyana. Vyasa has so stated in his Brahma sutra.
So you see, learning is not enough, intellect is not enough, studying sruti’s and smriti’s (Recorded knowledge) is not enough. Even Vichara dhyana ( reflection) is not enough. You need to practice meditation.

If so then do it the easier manner.

That is why I suggested Bhrooh Dhyana (Meditation on the Third eye). It is the easiest way that exists and honestly it is the only way that exists as long as you inhabit the human body. It has no ill effects. I can promise you that it would make you a Yogi in no time. But please note this promise does not include ashta sidhis! (The celebrated eight or so powers of the yogi’s) though. To some they may come to some others they may not.

But those are material phenomena; they have to do with matter and this universe. You are looking to supersede that.

Let me tell you that you can supersede all.

Good luck to you. Find peace

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