Sunday, August 1, 2010

Resorting to Meditation

Resorting to Meditation

I am not really talking about the true state of meditation here. That is a natural phenomenon and is quite simple in the real sense of the word. But to be so requires the fruition of certain qualities in a person. It cannot be forced and brought about. That’s why the Sidha Masters of the India enjoins to “do nothing”. What they want you to do is NOT practice sloth. They want you to be at ease with everything within and without you. It’s a state that can be only learned by being at peace with yourself.

Real meditative state happens to one. A good example of it could perhaps be found in the life of Jiddu Krishnamurthy. The man was born with it. He did not need to practice any disciplines to reach it. One of his European teachers used to slap his face to get the ever present vacant look out of his face.

How could we slap a state of being out of existence! It was the true state that the man was experiencing. Every other kind of knowledge pales into insignificance before this light. That vacancy can not be filled or discarded. Once one achieves it, it is there to stay.

But who would want to be like that? Isn’t it the highest state of inactivity? What’s the use of being in that state? What would it give us? Well the only answer is that it would give us NOTHING. Yes Nothing- It’s a mind shattering experience to learn this. What we have are things, what we need, is to find nothingness. That completes our adventure.

You see we can never get this thought of gain out of us. We are always travelling, we are always seeking, and we are always worried that we have missed something or would miss something unless we remain alert and industrious. What we are familiar and comfortable with is data. We procure it and store it and feel safe with it. It’s the whole of intelligence. Intelligence can only work with data. If there is no TWO then there is no intelligence. All divisions, categories and paraphernalia arise out of the perception of TWO.

That’s why the Rishi says:

“Dwitiyat toh Bhayam Bhavati”

When there are two, fear too arrives.

Intelligence is a property of brain. It is a mere vassal and not a master. It relies on the inputs from outside to function and is unreliable as its product the reason as far as the higher aspects of human consciousness is concerned.

Coming back to Krishnamurti, such a state is rare in others. It requires great strength from a person to hold on to it while living a full life amongst the less lucky. The artificial folly that we call life would soon convert such a being into the most common of creatures we can find amongst us. Perhaps he would be considered less than most others frequently, for there would be a natural disinclination on his part to live life like other.

The meditation practiced by some of us now sadly is not going to get us to this state. It’s mostly an exercise to rid us of our internal dialogue and achieve a state of calm to “still” the process of thought in us. This is a dangerous practice, for the moment you manages to rid of your thoughts other thoughts come in and take hold of you. This leads to possession and is the worst state imaginable. This has to be avoided at all costs. Instead of being free and liberated we would become more bound and troubled than before. Only those with no desires can overcome this obstacle.

What we aim at is to posses ourselves fully and not to be possessed by others!

Keep the mind at the point between the eye brows