Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Way It Came To me ( rehashed)

I had searched in vain for a solution to fill this chasm I found in myself and was becoming hopeless of ever resolving it when I found the Sambavi Mudra.

Then I knew I had found the key. As I went on practicing, things began to fall in-order.

And the realization came one night! It was most profound experience I ever had -Profound in the sense of being complete, not in the sense extraordinary.

I had had the veil removed then and saw the world for what it was. There was no grand awakening; there was no blitzkrieg of lights, no high voltage dramas, and no jet propelled journeys ……………

If anyone of you thought so, I am sorry to disappoint you in that respect.

There is nothing grand in an awakening; it’s like opening your eyes in the morning to familiar sights. You will be surprised how natural it feels, how comfortable you are with it and how easy it has always been. All journeys end there.

There are no more comings and goings from then on (where is one to go and where from should one come?), there would be no ins and outs, no highs and lows, just the awareness that I AM.

I saw myself in everything and everything else in myself, there were no divisions, no feeling of the ‘other’. I was only aware of myself.

I was existence.

Yet can it be called existence even? It goes even beyond that, it goes even beyond the pale of existence and non existence. There is no way of explaining it, it is inexplicable, and it’s beyond words. The futility of trying to express it in words would only occur to you after you have been through the experience yourself.

One can only quote the beautiful words of the ancient Rishi’s who underwent similar experiences. There is nothing else to do. How true are those observations!

They describe the state in one Upanishad as:

“Where the words turn back
Where even mind does not enter”

Then again in another:

“Words do not reach there
Neither do the mind.”

This is the catch. Words are the products of the mind or are only usable when there is ‘two’. I am talking of the ‘one’ or the indivisible and it can’t be talked of in the realm of names and forms. This all looks very old fashioned and boring to you does it not? No wonder, but when we are left with no options, the only way is to do as the others did and say the things they said!

How I used to snigger at this expression once, “names and forms”! I thought it was just mystical bulshit, coined to deceive the ignorant. How wrong I was! It had its revenge on me finally. There is no other expression capable of describing the experience from the perspective of the ultimate reality in human language.

This world is nothing but names and forms, a play ground of shadows.

In the oldest of Upanishads the Eithreya it’s said

“Only ‘this’ was there and-
Nothing else was in sight.”

It then goes on to reveal the cause of the world.

“It thought
I shall be many.”

The moment it thinks, there is the dual world. The one becomes two. And when there are two, two points of observation occur, two paths occur, time occurs, infinite variety of things and events are born. It’s as simple as that. It all happens within and not outside.

In true-realization all these disappears into shadows. The man who is being questioned, the others who are questioning him all revert back into the shadows that they are, and they exist in relation to ‘Me’ alone. Even this is a very sketchy description. But what can one do?

The only option is to get into that state, and then all would be clear. The path is also not difficult as some think; there are no mountains to scale or abysses to cross!

Yet doubt may arise who this ‘me’ that was mentioned is. Is it this man called ‘Chasing my shadow’?

Well ‘Chasing my shadow’ is only a part of me as everything else is; he has no special significance other than ‘I’ have evidenced in him at this point in time.

But sadly this fact does not elevate him to the position of a god. There is no special position granted here. There is no ego evident here. The truth doesn’t make him high or low, it doesn’t change him. He doesn’t gain or lose anything by it.

Difficult isn’t it? You have something and you can’t describe it? Well the only consolation is that better equipped individuals than me have failed at it!

If this does not teach us humility nothing else will.

Yet don’t mistake me as some do, I haven’t denied Yogic powers as some believe. There are such powers, however material they are, and some are naturally inclined towards them.

In such Yoga’s the journey is more important than the final destination. They go for gradual evolution and ‘advancement’. Though I don’t care for such ‘advancement’ there is no ban on others to do so.

To me the notion that there is ‘advancement’ is ignorance. Such thoughts would take us away from the real thing and land us somewhere else.

But there are such Yogi’s and they do glitter, they beam the power of Kundalini through the crown chakra, they have the sidhis, and they have powerful minds and have refined inner vehicles. But a liberated person would have nothing of the sort with him; he would have to stand like the shapeless sky before the might of a powerful thunder storm in comparison to these stalwarts!

But somehow, I was not after these powers (may be because I am unfit to pursue them!) and never cared for them too, they had always seemed spurious and expendable to me. And in the kind of realization I was after they were a hindrance rather than a help.

As a human individual I wanted beyond, I wanted the final truth. I wanted to have done with this farce called Maya once and for always and to never come back.

I even used to shudder at the thought of anything less!

In truth what you want is what you realize. If you want the final truth, you would realize that, if you want heaven, you would get there, if you want to be the Buddha, you will be him- you want to be the devil and you have become one. If you want powers you would get them sooner or later.

You always realize the ‘god’ you are after!

You truly are the masters of yourself and the world. I am not playing around with words here like they do in positive thinking sermons. Let me tell you this, the matter of liberation is so simple that, if you can hold on to the truth that you are liberated at the moment of death, there would not be any coming back.

I can guarantee you that. Let you be the worst devil in the world, hold on to this thought with an unflinching belief. None would make you come back; there would be no further births and deaths for you.

But it is not as easy as you suppose. First you need to be sure that it is the case. That is why it’s important to make it a habit of being with the final truth. Hence the need for Brooh Dhyana. It is the only way you can be sure of finding it for yourself.

But how can one be sure anyone else’s experience would be the general one?

I can only resort to an illustration.

Draw a circle with a series of dots. Take any one dot; every single dot can be the beginning and end of the circle at the same time. All dots have the same chance of becoming so.

That is, if one has experienced truth somewhere others would also experience it. All points in the world have the same prospects.

So my suggestion is:

Place the mind at the point between your eye brows

Place the Mind at the Point between Your Eye Brows


And you will be liberated.

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