Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who in the gods name am I

Well what do we really search for?

Do you have any idea?

I know that you haven’t. Don’t be peevish when you listen to this, it is the honest fact that you haven’t. None has. Some would say that they are searching for truth if they are very hard pressed. But what is the use of talking about something you have no idea about? What do they mean by truth? Come on, tell me that. Anyone?

We live like dazed beings relying on whatever comes our way, in desperation some have started to say that there are multiple realities- but really!

You see, there is only one reality that is your own; you don’t have to run anywhere to find it. It is already yours; there is no need even to search for it.

All the trouble starts when we want to find it.

Even those who realize this intuitively don’t know how to go about it. They run from people to people. I have nothing against these guys, some of them as I already stated in my earlier posts are great yogis. They can show you wonderful things. They can awaken forces like Kundalini within you. They might produce ashes out of the thin air and talk about your past and future in detail.

Well what of that? A person who knows some part of a book by heart can tell you of certain events in the story. It’s not such a great thing if you put your mind to it. It’s gained through certain techniques and practices; occasionally it might even be congenital.

Well if you are satisfied with it, its okay with me, you have every right to become deluded and muddled and to be led on a path which would not end till the dooms day comes. It’s your life, it’s your choice.

But to those others who are troubled by this one question:

Who in the gods name am I?

I can point you the way to find it. I have already done so. It’s the only method that there is and it is the only technique worth trying.

This comes to you without any charge, if you are deluded by the notions of worth, status, morals, learning etc.. Well what can me or any one do in your case?

You see there have always been people out to murder those who know, so that the world would remain deluded for all ages to come. Buddha tried to show people how to go about meditation.

He held up a flower and just looked at it. Only one among the audience understood.

Millennia’s went. Have the people become any the wiser? The world is still where it was then, may be it has become worse. Some have even started to claim that it is all an old world notion. They just don’t know what they mean by it. They really have no idea what time itself is.

So what do those who want to learn about themselves do?

They keep their mind at the place between the eye brows; they work at it, till the truth comes out.


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